Osteopaths In Sutton Coldfield

I (Hafi) started the clinic after already having extensive experience in the sports therapy and personal training field before training to become an Osteopath.

I have always believed that the treatment we provide isn’t just about our knowledge and the expert use of hands on therapy, it’s all about educating our patients so that they take control of their own recovery.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, approachable clinic available when you need us most.

Pain can strike quickly and cannot always be anticipated. That’s why we strive to be available for you as quickly as possible whether its for some advice over the phone or with an appointment with us  at the clinic.

About Hafi Rahman - Registered Osteopath

I pride myself on getting to know each client just as much as their movement patterns. I love helping people of all ages, occupations and skill levels and am driven to identify each individual’s potential to achieve or exceed their goals.

I believe  that movement and function are integral to both life and wellbeing and he achieves great satisfaction guiding people on their health journey.

My practice involves a combination of both manual treatment including structural and cranial osteopathy alongside  exercise-based therapy. Through a detailed functional assessment focused on mobility and stability, I strive to achieve a clear understanding of each person’s body. I aim to identify the origin of your pain, what has caused it to occur and how best to help you recover from it as quickly as possible.

Hafi Rahman B'Ost Hons

Principle Osteopath

Our Clinic Locations

Sutton Coldfield Clinic

Sutton Hearing Care, 1 Sutton Oak Corner, Corner Of Bakers Lane, Streetly, B74 2DH 

This is our principle clinic which is open Monday to Saturday

Walsall Clinic

Walsall Clinic

Halo House of Beauty, 15 Liskeard Road, Park Hall, Walsall, WS5 3EY

We are only at the Walsall clinic on Wednesdays