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Headache Treatment

The onset of headaches can be triggered by various factors, making it crucial for your osteopath to identify the root cause. Examples include migraines, tension in neck and shoulder muscles, dysfunction in neck joints, sinus issues, and jaw or TMJ dysfunction. These are just a few instances, as headaches can result from a multitude of causes. 

At Exhale Osteopathy, our priority is to determine the specific cause of your headache to effectively treat it and prevent future occurrences.

How can an Osteopath address my headache?

Our osteopathic approach involves:

1. Alleviating muscle tightness and dysfunction.
2. Restoring joint range of motion and symmetry in movement.
3. Assessing other areas that may contribute to your pain, such as the lower back or pelvis.
4. Providing guidance on stretching and ergonomics to prevent recurrence.
5. Examining lifestyle factors, such as stress and dehydration, that may impact your symptoms.

By comprehensively addressing these aspects, we aim not only to alleviate your current headache but also to equip you with strategies to minimise the likelihood of its recurrence.


Cervicogenic headaches presents as one-sided pain that starts in the neck and usually occurs after sudden neck movement or when neck remains in the same position for some time. 

The symptoms of Cervicogenic headaches may mimic those commonly presented in tension headache and migraine. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Pain on one side of the head/face
  • Pain during coughing/sneezing or taking a deep breath
  • Neck stiffness

Cervicogenic headaches can sometimes be caused trauma such as a whiplash injury or an underlying medical condition such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

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