Osteopathy For Knee Pain in
Sutton Coldfield

Knee Pain Treatment

The knee, a crucial weight-bearing joint, ranks among the most frequently injured joints in the human body. Knee pain can stem from various causes, causing significant discomfort and impairment. 

Injury, strain, or sprain to the knee’s structures can manifest in various symptoms, often resulting from sudden trauma as observed in sports-related incidents or repeated stress on a particular knee area. Misalignment of the knee or kneecap and altered joint mechanics, particularly concerning neighbouring joints like the hips and knees, frequently play a significant role. Additionally, knee osteoarthritis, a common ailment characterised by wear and tear, is a prevalent issue affecting this joint.

Typical knee symptoms encompass pain, stiffness, aching, locking, swelling, limping, and challenges in fully extending or flexing the knee.


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